Importance of Portable Sinks Amid COVID-19

Portable Handwash Sink

Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic that reportedly originated in China in December 2019 has already affected the lives of millions of people in various ways. The deadly disease continues to spread rapidly across the globe, making effective hand hygiene measures even more important than ever. World Health Organization (WHO) has released several guidelines on the importance of washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent transmission of various diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, and now the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) too. Therefore, millions of people are heeding the advice of health experts to wash their hands at regular intervals. Although alcohol-based sanitizers are being widely used by people amid this COVID-19 pandemic, many health experts have quoted that “washing hands with soap and water is by far the most useful approach to control the spread of the COVID infection.”

Handwashing with soap is critical in the fight against COVID-19 but 3 billion people around the world have no ready access to wash their hands with soap. According to a recent report on the Clinical Services Journal website, portable handwashing stations are becoming an important part of the hand hygiene strategy. Portable handwashing sinks are now being installed in front of public and private commercial buildings, at transport hubs, homes, and in all the public places which attract dense population.

How Do Portable Sinks Work?

Portable sinks can be of different types such as one-compartment, two-compartment, three-compartment or four compartments sink with similar basic functionality. The cabinet comprises two different tanks where one facilitating freshwater and the other wastewater. Refilling the tanks with fresh water or dispensing out the wastewater is a simple task as these tanks can be easily attached and detached.

The portable sink tanks are made from different types of materials and provide easy maneuverability. Some portable sinks contain an electric water heater and pump within the cabinet to provide warm water. The hot-water models of portable sinks come with battery-operated or propane-powered heaters whereas the cold-water models come with foot-pumps.

Deployment of Portable Sinks At The Point of Need

Now with lockdowns lifting and various restrictions easing up in many countries across the world, maintaining hand hygiene becomes all the more critical. Offices, marketplaces, and restaurants are opening-up, and thus, portable sinks must be deployed at the right places. Portable sinks should be appropriate for the intended user(s) or the use case i.e. households, marketplaces, healthcare facilities, schools, offices, places of worship, public transportation hubs, quarantine centers, etc.

Deployment of portable sinks in public places will encourage people to wash their hands with soap and water which is key in preventing human-to-human transmission of COVID-19. However, while deploying these portable sinks, three sets of criteria should be taken into consideration:

  1. The portable sink should enable recommended handwashing.
  2. The design should be favorable for local manufacturing and management with adequate use of water and soap.
  3. The design should be user-friendly, pleasant, and convenient for all users including handicapped individuals.
  4. The design should also allow easy regular cleaning/ disinfecting of taps, basins, soap dispensers, and frequently touched surfaces.

The deployment of portable sinks will also depend on the facility for which it is being used and the space available. There are different types of portable sinks that serve different purposes. So if you are looking for portable sinks for restaurants, shops, offices, hospitals, or any kind of public or private space, you can count on Portable Sink Depot to get the best quality handwashing stations.

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Benefits of Portable Sinks

The benefits and importance of portable sinks amid the COVID-19 pandemic have become more evident. One of the fundamental benefits of portable sinks is to provide effective and high-quality handwashing in places where traditional handwashing stations cannot be deployed. If used correctly, portable sinks act as the first line of defense against germs, and in a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, they are becoming a popular option and the promotional face of hand hygiene across the world.

Portable sinks can be used at various places including indoors and outdoors. They are often deployed at grand festivals where food is available to provide an outdoor handwashing option to people. In the context of COVID-19, the installation of portable sinks at public places like restaurants, shops, offices, residential buildings, hospitals, schools, places of worship, playgrounds, etc. will be highly beneficial in controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The portable stainless steel handwash sink is a high-quality sink that allows easy mobility for handwashing wherever it is required. This portable sink can be used in different places including indoor settings such as classrooms, food service, terraces, gardens, and other indoor locations. Portable sinks like this help to stop the spread of numerous illnesses by eliminating germs through basic handwashing hygiene. Indoor handwashing is equally important as outdoor. It is vital to wash hands when preparing food or eating, giving medicine to a sick or injured person, removing/putting-in contact lenses & masks, handling garbage, using household chemicals, or touching anything that could be contaminated with coronavirus.

Maintain Hand Hygiene with Portable Sinks

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is very important to follow all the guidelines issued by WHO. Along with wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, washing hands with soap and water is of paramount importance. The importance of portable sinks has increased manifold times amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governments, healthcare experts, and various organizations are continuously spreading awareness about maintaining complete hygiene to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Portable sinks are undoubtedly the clog that is supporting the efforts of all such organizations.