Portable sinks are independent units that provide handwashing facilities with hot or cold running water in circumstances where there is no access to plumbing or running water. They are very convenient to use, you simply unpack the unit from its packaging, keep the mobile sink in the desired location, fill the tank with water, and plug them into an electrical socket. They can be set up and operated in almost any location that has access to a power plug. Also, some models come with battery or propane power so they can be operated without electricity too.

Portable sink accessories are used to enhance the functionality of portable sinks. There are various accessories that further ease out your work. However, portable sink accessories vary by portable sink manufacturer and model. For example – for foodservice operations in restaurants, deeper sink basins are useful rather than a simple one.

Portable Sink Accessories

Portable sink accessories can add to the functionality of your portable sink. At Portable Sink Depot, we offer a wide range of accessories to help ensure your portable sink is operating at full efficiency. Our collection of accessories includes a dual sink faucet, a kitchen sink soap dispenser, a hands-free faucet, a foot pedal switch, and much more. You can find the highest quality portable sink accessories at Portable Sink Depot.

Fill N Roll Tank Dolly Kit with Full Tube

The fill n roll dolly kit enables you to easily move heavy filled water tanks of your portable sink. The dolly kit comes with two non-skid strips to prevent the tank from moving while on the dolly. The water tank dolly kit comes with the fill tube which you can use to fill the tank directly from the faucet. The tube is very useful in filling the water tank and transferring it to the portable sink. The fill tube has a rubber adapter to fit most faucets. The weight of the dolly kit is 6 lbs and it is made in the USA. The fill n roll tank dolly kit with a full tube will cost you around $119.

Dual Sink Faucet

This dual sink faucet is multipurpose as it can be used as an eyewash faucet also.

Its dual functionality allows you to use it for normal purposes and also for eyewash in case of an emergency. The faucet has one-step activation for eye washing which makes it very convenient to use. This dual sink faucet is compatible with all kinds of portable sinks including indoor and outdoor sinks. The faucet is chrome-plated brass pipe and fittings for a bright and reflective finish. This eyewash faucet is manufactured as per ANSI Standard Z358.1 which makes it a reliable portable sink accessory.

NOTE: To avoid burning eyes from hot water, disconnect the hot water supply to the faucet before using the eyewash faucet for eye washing.

Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser

The kitchen sink soap dispenser is a great way to keep cleanliness at your fingertips. It can be easily attached to any kind of portable sink. It is a great replacement for a lost or damaged sink soap dispenser. On the design front, it flaunts a curved chrome finish that is built to last. Its enhanced ergonomic design adds elegance and value to your portable sink. To use this kitchen soap dispenser, you need to simply fill the soap into the desired bottleneck and refit the curved nozzle and tube to its default position to start using the soap dispenser. To refill the soap, just pull out the nozzle and tube and follow the same procedure. This product will cost you around $38.

Paper Towel Holder

The paper towel holder is another accessory that goes well with portable sinks. It is an arrangement that holds paper towels together and one can pull them down to use it. It comes with natural spring insert arms for easy loading. The stylish black rubbers on either side of the paper towel holder are very effective in holding the towel roll in place during the tear. It ensures effortless ripping by providing a smooth rotation. It can be easily mounted on the side of the cabinet and the stylish design will surely accent your home interiors. This paper towel holder is made from high-quality materials and comes with a quick-release knob. To change the towels, you just need to squeeze the buttons and pull the knob. It costs around $38.

Hands-Free Faucet With Motion Sensor

This is an automatic faucet that can be attached to portable sinks for hands-free operation. It comes with a motion sensor that allows you to turn the water on and off without touching the faucet. As soon as you move your hands under the faucet, the sensor will turn on the water flow.

This portable sink accessory is great for reducing exposure to germs on the handles and also helps in saving water during hand wash. Its importance increases multifold during the spread of any infectious diseases. The faucet body is made up of water-resistant material for longer faucet life. This hands-free faucet can be used with multiple types of portable sinks including the kitchen sink, garden sink, commercial sinks, etc. This automatic faucet will cost you around $98.

Foot Pedal Switch

The foot pedal switch is another portable sink accessory that is perfect for avoiding the spread of various infections. You can use the foot pedal switch to control the water flow without touching it with your hands. It comes with a plastic texturized pedal top that ensures maximum durability and foot grip. The design of our foot pedal switch is such that it is easy to use and its ergonomics is better. This foot pedal switch is widely used in various places right from industries to households. You can use it for the hands-free operation of your portable indoor hand wash sinks also. This product will cost you around $110.

5 Gallon Water Bottle

The 5 Gallon water bottle is made from 100% Polycarbonate which ensures longer life of the water bottle. It has a glass-like appearance but it’s lightweight in nature. The structure of the bottle is such that it comes with a handle which makes it very convenient to carry from one place to another. It is a great option for storing water and there will be no issue of leaching. Also, the water bottle is odor-free so you don’t have to worry about water catching any odor. This water bottle costs around $35.

Portable Sink Depot is your one-stop-shop for all your portable sink accessories. Choose any portable sink accessory that you need and we will deliver the best quality products at your home.